Does Life Feel More Of A Drag Lately? Feel You're Aging Too Fast?

  • Do you find it harder to breeze through your to-do list? Is your body letting you down with constant aches & pains?
  • Wondering where your "mojo" went? Can't bounce back from vigorous exercise routines like you used to?
  • Have you packed on a few pounds leaving you "doughy & dull"? Or struggling with brain fog & senior moments?

Take this short quiz to find out what's holding your energy & body hostage!!!


3 Misconceptions About Low Energy,

Chronic Aches & Aging Too Fast

"You're Just

Getting Older..."

Growing Older Doesn't Have To Mean "Going Downhill"!

As we age, most men and women lose their stamina, resilience and mojo... but it doesn't have to be that way!

At Wellward Regenerative Medicine, we take a functional medicine approach towards optimal health and longevity to recapture vitality through informed wellness practices. No need to let age slow you down!



Is Your Body Running

On "Empty"?

Sometimes, people put the wrong fuel in their "tank" – so it's no wonder they sleepwalk through life. But it's not your fault with so much conflicting info out there! Given our special focus on functional nutrition, we always evaluate nutrient status so we can put the right fuel in the tank with an optimal diet and high-quality supplements if needed.

Gut Health & Stealth Infections

Is Chronic Inflammation

Slowing Down Your Body?

Nagging chronic pain (like knee and shoulder aches) could be warning signs of systemic inflammation that oftentimes goes ignored. Stealth infections, poor gut health and diet can keep your body on the sidelines... so once we've identified the culprit, we quickly move to eradicate sources of pain & premature aging.

Meet Dr. Danesh, M.D.

Danesh Mazloomdoost, M.D., a native Kentuckian, is the visionary behind Wellward. As a Johns Hopkins trained, double board certified physician, he is passionate about innovating sustainable treatments for injury and pain. He is now fellowship-trained and dual-board certified in Anesthesiology Pain Management. He is at the frontier of scientific innovation, having trained at prestigious institutions including Johns Hopkins and MD Anderson. Dr. Danesh has a long-standing passion for humanitarian medical relief and has participated in medical projects in Honduras, East Africa, and the Middle East. But he realized that there was also a need in the field of pain treatment in Kentucky. So, he returned home to Kentucky and has been working to fix the problems in healthcare contributing to the opioid epidemic and the neglect of proper treatments for painful conditions. He is now the medical director of Wellward Medical, continuing the legacy begun by his parents.

Your Health + Wellness Is Our Passion

Helping people live a more balanced & healthier life isn't just our job, it's our passion! We take our commitment to lifelong, optimal health + wellness very seriously... incorporating the latest scientific advances and dedicated to the very best care possible.

We focus on giving you the care you need, not the care sanctioned by health insurance – which is why our programs include longer appointment times, more communication, more advanced testing and guidance on lifestyle factors that can truly make or break your health.

We like to think of ourselves as your trusted partner towards a healthier, more resilient life – supporting you every step of the way, because we know what's possible when you have the right guide by your side!

If you haven't found the answers you've been looking for with traditional medicine and still feel unheard, you are in the right place! We're excited to make you our next success story, so let's take the first step with the quiz :)


Ready For Amazing Results Like These?

"They fit me in as a new patient, same day. Very thorough physical exam. Very nice office staff and super knowledgeable doctors. My return appointment for therapy is within days, instead of several weeks like most offices. I have no doubts they're on the right track and will have me living a life of less pain, rather quickly. ."

Amber Ison

"Wellward Regenerative Medicine has been a life changing experience for me. Dr. Danesh and Dr.Jones are two of the most caring, professional, and dedicated doctors I have ever met. I encourage everyone to explore the many techniques they have for dealing with pain. The ketamine treatments, laser therapy, and acupuncture are all amazing. Dr. Dawn Jones, YOU ROCK!!! Don’t wait. Get in today and try one of the many services they offer. You will be surprised at how many different techniques they offer. There’s something for everyone. "

Carol Kern

"My experience has been nothing but 1st class with Wellward Regenerative Medicine. The entire staff there are very knowledgeable, polite and care about your care and what's best for you. I would recommend Wellward Regenerative Medicine to anyone. A+ place.."

Joel Griffin